Special Guest

Denise Friend, Pt. 1

Dee Friend is a National Advocate Queen for Chronic & Acute Pain. Denise Friend has been supporting those in need all over the nation who suffer in silence, away from the crowd, while enduring chronic pain herself. Denise shared her own personal journey with pain and she also shared what it’s like to live with a pain pump. She is convinced that God chose her to help others face another day. 

Pain is known as the 5th vital sign. Nurses and doctors are both guilty of assuming what a person’s pain is. However, pain is subjective. That means pain will always be what the person says it is. You will find a lot of articles on pain that offer varying opinions on how to treat and acknowledge “true” pain. Pain clinics and doctors who treat those in pain, often find themselves at the crossroad of government restrictions and patient care obligation. Therefore, Denise’s work is definitely needed.

While we go through this journey of figuring out how to treat chronic pain; who is abusing pain treatments; and how to promote safety as it relates to pain medication, we are convinced beyond any measure, that God blessed us with Dee Friend. Her advocacy over the years to help people face another day is beyond priceless, it is heroic. Although she suffers from chronic pain on a daily basis, and has often faced death in the face due to an injury she suffered many years ago, Denise leads a national pain group that helps a portion of our population who suffer in silence, die in silence, and go unnoticed in silence.

Many times Denise has prevented someone from committing suicide by just staying on the phone with them as a distraction or encouraging them to reach out to mental health services for help. Her efforts have worked thus far.

Denise is a shining example of why we created Beautiful Nurses Magazine and our Beautiful Health and Wellness Corner. Denise nurses the soul and gives unselfishly despite her own physical health challenges.

During our visit with her in beautiful Lake Placid, Florida, what we experienced was a beautiful woman, who also cares for her elderly mother, using her beautiful heart to advocate for those who suffer in pain everyday.

Denise we love your beautiful. Thank you for nursing the soul. You are BEAUTIFUL!

In our upcoming edition you will get to see our full length video interview with Denise. If you know of anyone who is struggling with pain, please have them follow and reach out to Denise’s support group. The link to Denise’s group is below.

Remember, please follow Denise and direct anyone who is suffering in chronic pain to her group on Facebook. Continue to follow Denise as she has great things in store as an advocate for those who suffer with pain.

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Dr. Sarepta Isaac

If you’re looking for a beautiful podiatrist in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, look no more. Dr. Sarepta is a beautiful physician who specializes feet care. Dr. Sarepta has a passion for decreasing and eliminating health disparities within black and poor communities. Dr. Sarepta stopped by Beautiful Nurses Magazine to share her beautiful with you. Dr. Sarepta is the founder of “Jump To Your Health” and Serenity Talk LLC. Jump To Your Health was a hit this summer and it brought healthcare professionals and as well as the community together in a unique way. It made health fun and BEAUTIFUL! 


Dr. Sarepta is a native North Jersey and is of Hatian descent. Dr. Sarepta moved to Atlanta to start a new job. Over time, Dr. Sarepta is realizing what her purpose is in Atlanta. Dr. Sarepta was inspired to become a Doctor of Podiatry while in residency. Dr. Sarepta wanted to be an impactful doctor in the community while encountering patients that did not understand their condition as it relates to their healthcare. She wanted to have a greater impact on her patient’s outside of the 15-minute slot that doctors give to their patients. 


Dr. Sarepta believes that education is the key to better health. From a patient’s standpoint, get all the education you need and ask as many questions you need in order to take care of your health. From a provider standpoint, be willing to relate to the patient and take time to get rid of the “big talk” and discuss the basics. 


Beautiful Nurses Magazine has more from Dr. Sarepta and how she is spreading her beautiful to those in need. Stay tuned to see, hear, and read more, in our next edition. We will feature the 2nd part of our interview with Dr. Sarepta in our November issue. 


Dr. Sarepta Isaac is a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) who graduated from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Sarepta has served as Chief Resident in the Podiatric Medicine and Surgery residency which included rotations within Internal Medicine, Wound Care, General Surgery, and Orthopedic Surgery. Dr. Sarepta was awarded a Completion of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery with an added credential in Reconstructive Rearfoot Surgery certificate. Dr. Sarepta also had a Master’s in Business administration (MBA) with a concentration in Healthcare Management.