Nurse of the Month

Elle Rose - October 2019

Imagine being a young and vibrant nurse working in your dream career as a Registered Nurse. You’ve reached a major milestone in your life by becoming a registered nurse, and you feel unstoppable. Your future is beautiful and filled with much success, when suddenly life happens. Your health takes an unexpected turn and are unsure of your future as a nurse, a mother, a daughter, and a friend. This happened to a beautiful nurse by the name of Nurse ElleRose. Beautiful Nurses Magazine was honored to sit down and interview Nurse ElleRose.

We wanted to hear her story and hear how she turned her pain and illness, into beautiful. We are honored to feature Nurse ElleRose in our Beautiful Nurse Corner. You can click on her video to see our interview with her. She will grace our cover for November, as November is National Epilipsy Month. Listen now, and stay tuned for November, when we sit down with Nurse ElleRose to see what she has in store for 2020. Nurse ElleRose, affectionately known to her family and loved ones as Lauren Rose, a professional registered nurse in Atlanta, GA. Born in England and raised in Savannah, GA as a Georgia Peach, she has the charisma of a British woman and charm of a Southern Belle. Although she has endured many difficult challenges in life including health challenges with a rare tumor, epilepsy, and syncope. Lauren has not allowed financial battles or career delays stop her from being committed to being a great mother, sister, friend, daughter, niece, advocate, supervisor and nurse. She believes that praying for the best and learning to always have faith is what has gotten her through the toughest of these times. She wants nurses and others to know to never give up on seeking absolute health and wellness for their lives.

Nurse ElleRose is pursuing her master’s degree in nursing to specialize in Holistic and Alternative Medicine techniques. She has plans to become a leading expert nurse consultant, and professional holistic nurse coach for other nurses. Her major interests are in neuroscience (brain, spinal cord, and nerve function and dysfunction), gerontology (care for the elderly), and stroke. Most of her clinical time is spent working as a nurse supervisor of a home care agency, and a volunteer active advocate for the Epilepsy Foundation of GA, Angels of Epilepsy, and A.U.B.R.I. Additionally, she serves as an official Ambassador for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Takesha Dyson