Enjoli Roux-McKinley

CEO, The Mackmoore Group

Enjoli was born in Compton,California. Raised by a single parent her mother, who is a nurse, along with her two younger sisters. Enjoli has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from Cal State University Dominguez Hills. 

Enjoli worked as a Business Account Executive for several Fortune 500 companies gaining experience in sales and customer service with C level executives, but quickly realized her entrepreneurial spirit was far greater than what she was doing in her career. While working at a Fortune 500 company, Enjoli often worked 70+ hours a week, and was making very good money. However, after realizing that she had hit her ceiling in corporate America understanding that it was only so much money she could make working for someone else, she decided to step out on faith by starting her own business. Instead of just building someone else's dream, she wanted to pursue her own dream of being a business owner that helped others obtain and maintain financial wellness. 

In 2015 Enjoli moved to Texas to start her own business which is the Mackmoore Group. She knew that Texas would be a great central location to serve as a hub for business. Enjoli appreciated Texas being a very business friendly state. The Mackmoore Group focus specifically on financial information to help educate people on financial wellness that will live toward a more happy and healthier life. Enjoli not only wanted to make more money, but she wanted the work she did to be impactful. 

When Enjoli started her business, she looked at her family first. The question she pondered with was who she could go to in her family to talk about credit, financial health, and how to invest her money. She quickly realized no one in her family answer those questions. However, Enjoli applauds her great grandmother for teaching her how to save money, but once you save money, then what do you do with it and how do you prevent your money from depleting over time and how could your money work for you? Enjoli knew that she had to be the first in her family to take an aggressive stand on understanding and appreciating the value of money so that she could help her family members and others as well. 

Enjoli put in the work to get started with conducting a reputable and sustainable financial business. Enjoli studied for the Series 6, a financial test that allows you to sell securities and annuities. Enjoli took her knowledge and experience to New York Life and became a broker with them. Enjoli stated that most people think New York Life is a life insurance company. However, it is a mutual fund company. Enjoli learned from New York Life more of how the financial system works, how to build wealth, how to maintain wealth, and how to manage your debt. Enjoli made a powerful and BEAUTIFUL statement about money. “Money is a means to an end, but you need it to affect change in the world and that's why only a 

few people have wealth". To construct and develop a community; to put on a free concert or festival; or purchase property to build a community center, cost money. Understanding the great value of money, Enjoli knew it was imperative to develop a portion of her business that strictly focused on personal finance. 

Enjoli stated that repairing your credit is the first step to wealth. She went further to say that once your credit is repaired how do you acquire money? In addition, Enjoli raised the question that once you acquire money, how do you lower your debt, and what do you do with the money you've acquired? 

Enjoli created a financial literacy program to help people. She has been passionate about focusing on minority financial wellness and educating that community on financial literacy. Enjoli found that the problem with minorities building wealth is that it is harder for them to receive information on financial wealth. 

If you're ready to make that new change in your life, take one foot forward to move, get into gear, get into action, and execute. Enjoli wanted you to know that you can contact the Mackmoore Group for help. Enjoli's tag line is  Pressure Makes Diamonds. 

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