Music Corner

We are excited to feature this phenomenal artist, Norris G! There is no voice upon this earth like the beautiful, powerful, and airy voice of the super-talented, Norris G! This beautiful artist, Norris G, will be featured throughout the Fall. Norris G is an inspirational singer who loves to sing gospel. However, Norris G is known to hit a tune anywhere that can heal the soul and cause you to even get out of your seat to praise, dance, or groove. 

Norris G has been singing since the age of 2 and he says he will be singing until the day he dies because it is truly his gift, his passion, and his love to the world. 

Beautiful Nurses Magazine sat down with Norris G to learn more about his new upcoming project called, The Journey. Norris G will have two impactful singles released first, Purify Me, and Heaven. 

Norris G is a graduate of Florida A&M University. Norris G holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Respiratory Therapy and a Master of Biology Education from Florida A&M University; and a PhD in Education from Walden University. Affectionately known as Mr. G; Dr. G; and Norris G by his former students, family, and friends. However, his first love is music, so he is alright with just Norris G! 

Music heals the soul! We, at Beautiful Nurses Magazine know that this is true because our founder has had first experience with music therapy in the healthcare setting and she is a songwriter herself. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, when you sing to a plant you expel the carbon dioxide which it needs to go through a process called photosynthesis that helps the plant to grow. In turn, the plant releases oxygen back to you, which is beneficial and important to your health. 

Beautiful music and beautiful singing relax the soul, and makes people feel good. Music can cause the immune system to boost and can serve as an anti-depressant as well.

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Hurricane Cza

Hurricane Cza is a skilled rapper from Alabama, now residing in Atlanta. Hurricane is well known for his ability to tell a story using rap as his method. Beautiful Nurses Magazine's CEO, Junia, sits with Hurricane to personally interview Hurricane in the clip below.

Hurricane Cza recently teamed up with our very own Gospel singer, Norris G, to create the hit song "Won't Let You Down"