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Lenise is a Beautiful Butterfly! 

Beautiful Nurses Magazine had the pleasure of sitting down with a beautiful young lady who tragically loss her father to domestic violence and decided to do her part in fighting domestic violence. 

Lenise is a flight attendant and is currently pursuing her degree in aeronautical science. Lenise has a son and is an amazingly loving mother. 

Lenise began a relationship with her biological father when she was 23 years old. During their reunion, Lenise’s dad shared with her how sorry he was for not being in her life while she was growing up. However, they both were committed at building a relationship as daughter and father. Lenise and her father became very close. 

When Lenise’s father was murdered by her stepmother, she felt like a tooth with a dry socket after it has been pulled out of the mouth. If you have no idea what a dry socket is in a tooth, it basically a condition that cause excruciating pain. The pain is so intense that people seek emergent care. Lenise described the pain of losing her father as a dry socket in her chest. Lenise turned to drinking and partying to try and ease her pain. When none of those things helped, Lenise broke down and asked God why. Lenise always remember her dad telling her to, “pray about it”. It was during this time of healing, she heard God remind her that she said He could use her. Lenise heeded the voice of God and began her journey of being an advocate to stop domesic violence. First, Lenise dealt with her own experiences of suffering herself as a domestic violence victim. When Lenise started asking herself the hard questions about domestic violence, that’s when she started ripping the band aids off so that she could prepare for her own personal journey. 


Lenise started educating herself on domestic violence and found out that 45% of domestic violence cases are men. However, she feels society puts a title behind what a man is supposed to be which is hard for most people to see men as domestic violence victims. Lenise knew her father really was a strong man who never made a move without praying about things. Lenise recalls in November 2015 how her dad started telling Lenise and her sister that he thought he and their stepmom was going to end up divorcing and wasn’t sure as to what was going to happen. He started recording the different situations that occurred between him and his wife. In April 2016 he finally shared that he was getting a divorce. This would prove to be deadly for Lenise’s father. The divorce led to her stepmother killing her father. One of the last conversations she had with her father, she recalls him telling her that he would rather his wife do something to him than their two minor children. When he said that, Lenise, felt that he was willing to lay his life down for his children. 

Lenise describes her nonprofit, being an umbrella organization that serves as a self-healing network. Lenise created a seven step program that goes into healing. Lenise is working on getting her first home where people can come and have peace after being in a tragic situation. Lenise wants those who suffer from domestic violence to know that if you can’t speak for yourself, she will speak for you through 

prayer. One of her hashtags #ispeakdv is changing lives now and for the future. You can follow Lenise on IG @lovemeenough2leave 

Click on the full-length video of Lenise, the CEO and founder of Love Me Enough To Leave

Felicitee Love!

You will never understand the complete circle of what love means until you encounter a soul like Felicitee Love. Listen to her incredible interview and amazing poem dedicated to women all over the world. Be sure to follow her on all social media outlets. Your soul will thank you. Felicitee, we at Beautiful Nurses Magazine love your beautiful!